You Are Stronger Than You Think.


IMG_6902.jpeg6:30am. My room vibrates within the deep silence of the early morning as my white noise app shuts off.  I instantly awaken in anticipation.  I know if I don’t respond quickly my various alarms will soon begin to sound; doing their job a little too effectively some days.  Another Monday morning, and another week begins.  Not as early this week, but basically the same as always.  Even after a restless and almost completely sleepless night, I get out of bed happily; grateful to be one of the blessed few still able to work during such a difficult, economically turbulent time.  I say a quick prayer and send loving thoughts to my family, including all my brothers and sisters of humanity, focusing on those whose struggle is already beyond what they previously believed possible to live through.  It’s very likely we’re still somewhere in the early stages of this time of great difficulty, and none of us know what will happen moving forward, what to expect, or when it will end. 

From my experience, uncertainty is always the hardest part.  After living homeless for more than 3 years now, some of the greatest and most difficult times of my life, I can say that with the wisdom of hindsight and reflection.  The unknown can be both an exciting and scary place, sometimes even at the same time.  With hope and imagination, anticipation of the future can ignite the fire of determination as we lean into the possibilities of the dreams we wish to bring to life.  But what do we do when the entire structure of our world-wide economic system seems to be hanging by a thread?  What happens when the rules and outlines set-up long before our time begin to collapse? How can we plan for the future when the world as we’ve always known it seems to be crashing down around us?

It has been said that change is inevitable.  In fact, the only constant throughout all time is that everything is constantly changing.  It’s a natural and beautiful part of our existence here.  Winter turns to Spring, then Summer, followed by Fall and then Winter once again.  Each stage offers a distinctly unique perspective on life, bringing with it the beauty and majesty that follows each cycle.  Each of them necessary to perfectly continue the birth, growth, expiration and recycling of the earth and our environment for a new year, filled with new possibilities. 

Just as the world around us changes, we, too, are continually evolving into better, more advanced versions of ourselves.  Our lives follow a similar pattern of cycles to that of Mother Nature. Sometimes we are living out the joy of a sunny, summer day with the bright hope and momentum of progress.  At other times, we might barely be surviving through the treacherous chill of a personal blizzard, facing the harsh reality of winter’s end.  The only guarantee is that one stage will always lead to the next, an endless loop in succession meant to aid the growth and shifting necessary in order to develop into the best, most enlightened beings we can possibly become. 

Although it can be quite difficult to remain focused on this long-term perspective when faced with the heartache of personal tragedy, if we could see ourselves and our lives from an aerial perspective I think we would find incredible courage to continue moving forward…even when it feels impossible.  With the flow of the Universe guiding and directing our journey through the cosmos, in the most deliberate and effective course to get us, not just to the destination we seek, but to a place far beyond what’s conceivable in our current reality, the possibilities are endless. 

This divinity, which connects us to our own past, present and future is also that which knits our hearts together as we cling to each other during this unforgettable time of challenge and extreme uncertainty.  Physically separated as we are, unconditional love and kindness fill the extra spaces between us as we all strive to navigate through this crucial, new transition together.  We see evidence of this in the videos, memes and posts which make their way around the world in a flash; encouraging us to laugh, keep our faith, and feel the joy of appreciation and gratitude in the selfless service being offered without reservation.  As the acts of kindness, Youtube channels dedicated to Good News, creative solutions for quarantine boredom, unseasonal costumes, Christmas lights and the innumerable posts of love and support circulate, we’re encouraged to see beyond the fears that so easily beset us within the past few weeks and months. 

It’s true that we’re unsure about what lies around the next corner, but the one thing we can know for certain is that the next season will come…and with it, we’ll find new growth, change and innovation within all of humanity and how we function from day to day.  We have always been able to find a way to recover through the difficulties and tragedies of all kinds of momentous circumstances throughout the history of the world.  When something’s not working for the masses, the Universe introduces a new season and opportunity for change.  As uncomfortable as it feels, we have never given up…and from all of the evidence of the invincibility of the human spirit I’ve seen so far, I don’t see us doing so any time soon.  Do you? 

Don’t be afraid. You’re stronger than you think you are.  WE are stronger than we think we are.  “We are MADE for times like these. We are the product of adversity and are wired, not just to survive, but to thrive in change.” Jan Heinemeyer

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