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What’s the BEST Way to Energize and Feel Great in 2022?

I have a theory…

As a child, you come into this world with a strong outflow of Universal energy having just been created by and through Universal energy. Children are amazingly energetic beings bouncing off of walls, exploring, asking questions, playing, and moving in any and every way possible during their waking hours. I’ve even made the comment before, “Wow imagine if we could bottle up and sell all of the energy in just one child…we’d be rich!” This river of seemingly sporadic energy is the CorE of life itself and its essence has been the quest of innumerable individuals, groups and nations throughout the existence of humanity from the very beginning.

Why do some seem to have more of this vitality than others and how is it that we can descend so far energetically as we get older? In order to answer these questions we can first look to the masters who originally defined the roles of energy and how it creates the basis of our entire existence as we know it.

Thanks to Albert Einstein, we know that everything is made up of energy. Then because of the insights of Julius Robert von Mayer, James Prescott Joule, and Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz we know that it cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another…or in other words, changed or reorganized.  Also, thanks to the work of Sir Isaac Newton, we’ve learned that an “object will not change its motion (or momentum in motion) unless a force acts on it, the force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration, and when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction,” (or in other words”To every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.” Newton). Therefore, “If a body has a net force acting on it, it undergoes accelerated motion in accordance with the second law. If there is no net force acting on a body, either because there are no forces at all or because all forces are precisely balanced by contrary forces, the body does not accelerate and may be said to be in equilibrium.”1  

Now in English for those of us who aren’t mathematicians or physicists…what does this mean about the life-force within us as human beings and how we interact because of it? We, as people, are made up of energy as is everything else.  While there are some physical, perceptual differences between all of us, what we really can’t see is the contrast in the intensity, speed and stamina of the vibrations of each individual.  However, aspects of these vibratory states can be felt, used to communicate and even used as a source of energy for another to consume, much like food provides fortitude in this way. 

Children coming into this earthly experience have a seemingly unending intensity of spirit as their connection to Universal energy is still strong and pure without blemish or defiling. However, parents and adults or even most older children have already closed off (almost completely) to regular Universal energy flow as their source for life and vitality. When this happens, it’s impossible to continue living without an energy source and food alone, regardless of popular opinion, doesn’t provide all of the power that’s necessary for long-term survival (which is why studies show that people who live alone or who are without community of some sort generally have a higher mortality rate than those whom are surrounded by others). So if you’re not receiving all of the energy you need from the Universe or the nutrients you’re consuming, where are you getting it from? Great question!   

If you’re exhausted, eating terribly with empty calories and over-consuming caffeine in order to pump up, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re super healthy working out, eating low carb and taking supplements…whatever variant in-between, would you be surprised if I could predict your next fight or negative encounter based on how you’re feeling in this moment? As surprising as it may sound, when you’re low on juice your first or 2nd source isn’t going to be ingested, but actually consumed by requiring another human being (or multiple people) to give you a significant amount of the vitality that they feel. The easiest avenue of energy consumption comes from someone who has more energy than you currently do. The way you do this varies based on the traditions and opposite reactions you were taught unconsciously in your childhood. Please understand that MOST people have no idea that they’re competing to take or keep energy every moment they’re in connection with another human being…but it IS happening regardless of conscious intention.  

In the early years of childhood, we don’t recognize the pattern of having our endless supply of power taken from us in the very moment we’re our strongest…because as children we’re resilient and can replenish our supply frequently for a while.  However, after some time we stop pulling from the unconditional supply of Universal love and learn to do what’s being done to us…competing for and taking energy from each other.  If you’re not getting energy directly from Source, where can you get enough vitality to live from?  You must gain energy by taking it from someone or something else…and if there’s a young child or direct/natural source around, this is the “purest” and strongest source and is utilized as the replenishing life source.  

Then as we are raised being used to having our energy taken from us regularly, we eventually get used to functioning at this lower level and this becomes our state of equilibrium, but it is NOT our natural level of energy flow…and deep down inside, even though we don’t know why or what’s happening, we start to feel an emptiness because our natural level of energy flow from the Universal is FULL, warm, life, light, energy, confidence, etc…which we don’t understand is being taken from us and trained out of us until we don’t know where to receive from anymore.  Even from the beginning, our soul can feel that we are living below our potential because we ARE.  We are literally living just a step above dead (“survival” mode) because we have learned to take part in this competition for energy, which will never result in a higher state of energy because the energy received from competing for it is gained through a lower state or means.  

It’s like the difference between pure cocoa and what’s happened after its trickled down through the process of making white chocolate…it gets diluted with milk and sugar and what’s available when you buy it is a watered down version…until it’s barely cocoa anymore. Competing for energy is similar to this because you can never be forced or willingly give up ALL of your energy…unless you literally die.  Likewise, you can never take or receive ALL of someone else’s energy.  They will maintain a certain amount of it depending on their state of equilibrium (since your mind and body is always striving to maintain equilibrium to survive).  So when our state of equilibrium is out of balance, we will seek to gain or lose our energy by the quickest means…since our brain processes any state of unbalanced equilibrium as a death threat.  Think about it from a physical point, our bodies will immediately seek out vitamins in “creative” ways when we are so deprived or depleted of the nutrient that it’s actually harming our health and poses a threat to our survival.  Our minds and bodies collectively process this energy unbalance in the same way…as it’s absolutely necessary for survival.  Again, without some sort of energy, we are dead.

This means any “extra” energy above equilibrium that we gain by any means, we get used to losing almost right away. This becomes so regular that it actually develops into a habit which we subconsciously perpetuate…and if there is ever a time when we have MORE energy than what we’ve been used to, we will actually seek ways to lose it in order to maintain our lower state. (i.e., fights we’ll surely lose -although fights in general may end up with one having gained and the other lost, but in the end, the energy gained by the victor is unfulfilling because it’s still a diluted form of energy. It doesn’t feel the same as when it’s gained through natural and universal energy flow- addictions, VR, stress, drama, over-actions of any sort – overworking, overeating, overworking out, over analyzing, etc) Any and all of these avenues will welcome and gain the energy we must lose, which we willingly give them…because they too are also competing for energy (since everything in the universe is made of energy and energy, itself, is always seeking to evolve into a higher state of vibration). 

Part of the problem is that we will give up more energy than we should, taking us temporarily into an even lower state than our already low equilibrium. This is important because then we need to perpetuate the competition by fighting for more once again. Keeping in this endless loop is another way to preoccupy or distract us from our goal…which is ultimate freedom by gaining and maintaining the flow of universal energy (also known as FLOW). Staying in this state of flow is the goal because it’s the only way to evolve into a higher frequency and vibration.

As previously mentioned, as we age we become less and less energy (often stating that we “have” less energy than we did when we were younger…because we literally do!).  We have less to give and what we have is such a diluted and imperfect form that it actually creates physical manifestation…like signs of aging, disease, and other physical deterioration…until we die.  These are signs of low vibration, which actually just means a low flow of energy into and through us.  There are people around the world (Blue zones), some of whom have defied everything we know about what it means to stay “healthy” into their 80’s and beyond…even into their 100’s.  Sometimes these individuals are heavy smokers, drinkers and don’t eat traditionally “healthy”…but MOST will have a combination of outdoor/wildlife living (pure source energy) and community (competition of energy), and I believe they’ve learned to gain enough energy from both of these to stay alive longer even though they don’t consciously understand exactly what they’re doing and how they’ve done it.

The moral of the story:  Universal Energy is available to be our true source of life and vitality, but we must choose to break out of the competition for lower energy (person to person) and seek to connect with the unconditional and unending Universal Source instead. Do that in 2022 and this will be the BEST year you’ve ever had!

1  Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. “Newton’s laws of motion”. Encyclopedia Britannica, 23 Jul. 2021, Accessed 3 January 2022.

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