Performance enhancement Life Coach, Kat Bärtschi has mastered cutting-edge techniques to inspire and enable clients to successfully identify and pursue the paths to their greatest personal success. By transforming ordinary thinking into quantum thinking, in an accountable and supportive environment, clients develop new road maps to success via new habits and learned skills. Kat assists clients in the enlightening and invigorating process of self-discovery. Through customized one-on-one coaching sessions, she walks clients through their “mental blocks,” helps them to better understand themselves, and overcome self-sabotaging habits in order to realize their ultimate goals.

Legal Disclaimer:

Neither CorEnergyShift nor Kat Bärtschi are giving legal, medical, psychiatric or any other kind of advise.  The content on this site and in the blogs posted are my personal opinion (and not the opinion of any outside persons or organizations) and should not be considered as anything more than that. 

I’m not a doctor, medical professional, health professional or licensed psychiatrist.  I don’t suggest or intend to treat or influence anyone as such.  I do not recommend or assume responsibility or liability for anything you choose to do because of any of the content of my writing.  I’m writing for informational purposes only…purely hypothetically and about my own experiences.  “You” is being used in these posts to refer to “a person” hypothetically and not specifically any individual.  Please refer to a professional before taking any sort of action. 

All information provided on the previously mentioned website or by the individual listed are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge but that being said, there may be omissions, errors and mistakes. 

I reserve the right to change how I manage or run my website or blog and the content included and that includes changing focus or content at any time. 

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