“My first impression of Kat was that she is very easy to talk to and that she is a good listener. I felt comfortable being around her as well as sharing my life history with her. Although I initially felt vulnerable as I was sharing private stories and experience of my life with her, I had the inner feeling that she was a life coach who could help me with the guidance I needed. She is passionate about her work and her clients. Our conversations were enjoyable and useful. She never once looked at the clock during oursessions, which made me feel comfortable and relaxed; I did not feel rushed at all. Little things like this made me open up more to her, which at the same time led me to learn more about myself too. Her couching is sincere and genuine. Before seeing her I felt losing slowly the happy person I once was. Kat helped me realize what was the source of my unhappiness. She pointed to me things I overlooked or ignored, which were taking my positivedrive away from me. We talked about my personality type as well as how important it is to stay true to myself. Due to certain circumstances in my life I chose life paths that limited my character traits and made me almost forget how much fun I can be. Her coaching influenced me to always find a way to do what I love doing when at the same time making sure that feels right to me. I reaffirmed to myself to trust my future life choices and my inner-self too. I thank her for her dedication and counsel.”

-Lily S.

“Kat has the most profound perception and understanding, ability to listen and quickly perceive and assess one’s personal situation. As a victim of a lot of bullying, emotional and physical abuse, I was able to heal from a lot of the pain and anger that were holding me back from professional success and emotional connectedness in my personal life with my husband, children, and other people. I have finally come to accept myself and obtain a much greater understanding and control over what is happening in my life. After the sessions, I have made more progress and change than in years of professional counseling. My friends also started sessions with her, and they all have said the same! One of my friends was a victim of a severe domestic violence and emotional abuse, jobless, couldn’t find anything in almost a year, and now she has three jobs. I personally have received opportunities to share my personal talent beyond imaginable, which I honestly could only dream of! Thank you so much for changing my life!”

– Lindsay

“Although I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of tapping therapy, I was open to trying it and gladly notice that, despite my life challenges, I feel uplifted after each session and have a sense of renewed hope regarding what lies ahead. Meanwhile, I am learning to stay in the present so I now believe my EFT sessions are helping me a lot. I am learning to shift my attitude and life is starting to flow much easier. Kat, I am so grateful to you for helping me through this period of deep transition!”

— G.S.A., Bethesda, MD


“I Approached Kat Bartschi because I needed some help from a professional to know how to attract good things in life and replace any negative energy with positive one that can help me finding good health, friendship, money, and healthy relationships too.Kat Bartschi helped me by weekly phone and Skype sessions and showed me great ways that I would never discover alone, and showed how professional she is by dealing with my case as if I’m the most important person on earth that needs to prove to the world what great values he can add to himself, and people around him.And the result was that I notice a very fast progress with Kat! And we both noticed big differences in me between sessions.One thing I liked was her way in exploring your inside and extracting amazing abilities and ideas that you already have but you don’t notice!I would Recommend Kat Bartschi to people who need to find great ideas and the creative person inside them! And release all their negative energy. and simply, to change their lives!”

-Maher Sarhan


“Working with Kat has been life changing. In fact, she has given me tools and methods to better myself and has helped guide me through different situations past and present. Kat is very knowledgeable and brings a fresh, nonjudgemental perspective to each session. I first came to Kat when I felt that life had pushed me up against a brick wall and I had exasperated majority of my options. I had recently been diagnosed with depression with anxiety. Due to severe marital problems, which affected every aspect of life, I felt I was broken and not enough for my husband and children. Kat has such a comforting way of teaching you to accept yourself now in order to build upon your future self. I have been able to learn steps in bettering myself by letting go of anger and pain. As each emotion surfaces from a memory being triggered, I am able to release it or open myself up to just the possibility of letting go and filling the space with positive. Each session, I have been able to gain a better grasp on having faith for the possibilities that the future may hold. Each time, it aids in clearing my mind to find the lessons to be learned or find the silver lining. Even though my marriage has left some nasty scars from addiction and infidelity, working with Kat has given me the hope and faith needed to persevere through what bad has happened and be open for the good to come.
“Kat is well rounded, authentic and genuinely caring. I feel safe discussing any issues with her. When I feel embarrassed, ashamed or just nervous, her calming nature brings peaceful feelings to take over. Through the faith based work, I know that just taking the first step to try allows cleansing and healing. To me, Kat is nothing short of an angel. Life is a work in progress and sometimes difficult. She has the knowledge and experience to help gently guide and direct you in the right direction. Kat is one to hold your hand along the way to help you until you can walk on your own. She has been my uplifting strength. Her ability to connect and reassure that everything will workout and be okay has saved my marriage and my family.”

– J. Johnson

“Katrina’s in-depth and vast understanding of how to channel positive energy has significantly helped me in the interpersonal relationships in my life. I struggled for a long time to work through problems that resulted from a negligent and emotionally unstable mother. I found it difficult to work through those problems, and it subsequently affected building relationships with others, and impacted how I viewed potential romantic relationships and interactions. I had a session with Katrina a few months ago that changed my life forever. In the session, Katrina helped me to see how the negative emotions and feelings I had towards those in the past, who had significantly hurt me, kept me from experiencing positive interactions with people of the opposite sex and/or potential romantic interests. The methodologies she used to help me evict negative emotions and energies that had consumed me, we’re not only effective, but almost immediately helped to dispose of the emotional baggage and trauma I had felt for several years. Katrina worked with me, always coming from a place of understanding and empathy, teaching me great lessons on how to induce positive energy into my life. Her sessions have allowed me to see a brighter future, one that does not have to be filled with regret or misplaced frustration and anger. Each day I utilize the methods from the sessions I have had with Katrina, and I feel personally, spiritually, and physically healthier because of them.”

– Elizabeth

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