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Angels in the Outfield.


The traveler life isn’t always filled with fun and games as it appears through the photos being posted…at least not in my experience.  Throughout my journey over the past year and a half it’s not been the least bit unusual for things to hit a rough patch where I’ve run completely out of money…and I mean REALLY out of money: zero dollars in the bank account and no credit card.  There have even been times when I was pretty far in the red…like when I was living in a hostel in Hanoi, where they bill you during your stay and you pay as you check out.  I was living there for the better part of two months and was paying portions of my balance as I went along, but there came a time when I was spending more by staying there than I was making with my job (teaching English to local Vietnamese children), so I was always in the negative and unable to check out of my hostel. 

This was certainly not the first (or last) time I had burned through my resources.  I spent 3 months stuck in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I worked 45-55 hours a week at a hostel (only to receive accommodation, no money or food) because I was completely out of money.  Then from there, I had to leave the country quickly and ended up in Singapore (not good when you’re on a budget) where I, once again, had no way financially to stay or leave…at a crossroads without a lot of options.

This isn’t a lifestyle I’m particularly proud of and I’ve been doing whatever I can to stay on top of things, but from time to time it’s been beyond my control.  During these times I’ve been rescued by some of the most generous people in the world!  From money, to housing, food, toiletries, clothes, transportation, travel supplies, a plane ticket or a paid phone bill…to loans, moral support, long tear-filled conversations, happy distractions, coaching, research help…and probably much more.  I’ve had white knights come from all directions of friends and family…many of which were completely unexpected…all of which were completely selfless acts of the purest form of love and support. 


I could probably write a book purely about the stories when other’s have come to my aid, but in order to save you from a long dialogue I’ll just say this: People of all walks of life have shown up for me in so many miraculous ways that have surprised and humbled me during this time.  I don’t ever expect it because I know that the way I’m living my life is my own commitment and something I need to learn to do more with…but even in knowing that, the number of people who have helped me along the way absolutely astounds me!  I’ve often gone through life feeling like I’m not able to do it all on my own and when times have gotten to the hardest points, thankfully…I have these angels in my life who have stepped in and up…and have been exactly who and what I’ve needed in those moments.  To all of them (you know who you are) I say thank you.  Thank you for believing and investing in me and what all that I’m trying to do and be in the world.  I will forever be grateful and am always happy to return the favor in any capacity I can!  I love you all!  

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