Living in the Darkness of the Night

IMG_0721In the dead of night the silence is calling.
In quiet stillness lay the epitome of mortality
slumbering deeply in ignorance of the awakening that stirs in the darkness.
Restless energy feeds on the frequencies emitted by blissful dreamers.
The one who values the blackness of night is awarded intensity of mind and enlightenment within.
Temptation reinforces addiction as time moves onward and breathes new life into the starving soul
patiently waiting for the flow of creativity to rise from the dead once again before the sun resurrects, 
beckoning the sleeping tabernacle to arise and come forth in the dew of the morning.
The smoldering flame of the inner essence catches and spreads with blazing force, 
filling the gaping void and quenching the thirst of burning desire.
Power intensifies the tormenting hunger of the flesh with the potent taste of excitement
as the spirit embraces and engulfs endless potential and unlimited collectiveness from the universe of abundance.

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