Personal Development

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, as anyone who knows me well can truthfully attest to, but those who know me best…or who understand human nature in its simplest form…also know I’ve done the best with what I’ve had.

I can’t honestly tell you I came from a broken home or anything which caused me such severe damage to my self image which would rightfully account for my lack of self worth throughout most of my life, but I can promise that it’s been there at the forefront of every experience I’ve had since the earliest time I can remember. I spent a lot of time soul searching to figure why and how it got so bad and I have plenty of theories, but in the end…none of it really matters because I Am who I Am regardless…a direct reflection of my experiences and what I’ve learned from them.

It’s really easy to look at someone who is making a complete ass of themselves in one way or another and judge from our complete naiveness as to why we believe they could act in such a way. We’ll probably label them accordingly as well…but in the greater perspective of life, we have no idea what’s actually going on or what’s caused such reactions from these people. It seems so easy to be quick to judge…such basic human nature…and we all do it.

We all have things from our past and present which we regret and don’t completely understand what’s caused the issues we have and continue to face. Some choose to find meaning and definition for their actions, while others continue to act blindly to their mistakes and shortcomings. For those who dig deeply into their subconscious and CorE issues, they often find pain and discomfort…which likely accounts for other’s unwillingness to become self aware.

So if we all have these issues, whether large or small, how is it possible that we can overlook our own frailties and focus on those of another so easily? Is it possible that those things which bother us most about another’s behavior can actually be triggering a  reflection of the things which we dislike most about ourselves?

Each of us came into this life endowed with certain traits and characteristics, regardless of our background. When coupled with our specific situations (where we’ve come from, how we’ve been raised and treated throughout our lives) we’ve subconsciously learned to survive through the use of different behaviors. These attributes surface regularly in order to protect us and allow us to endure the many hardships we face on a daily basis. The catch to these responses is that each person’s reaction is completely unique based on their personal experiences…even siblings who were raised similarly in the same household will respond completely differently to each circumstance they encounter.  But as terrible as these reactions may sometimes be, each person is unequivocally acting to the best of their abilities with what they have and how they believe is best.

Moral of the story: I think it’s important to give each other the benefit of the doubt, whether we agree with what people are saying and doing or not because at the end of the day, each of us require the same charitable consideration regarding our own unpleasant behaviors…and blind to them or not, I promise they do exist.

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